The War of Angelic Succession

Chapter One

Flight in the Dark

Having deserted their posts from the horrific battle of Blue Rock, Walks-WIth-Beasts and The Crimson Dove found themselves fleeing along the high road, heading for refuge in the city of Makalau Gow. 3 days into the 6-day trek, their camp was set upon by a horde of freshly-dead zombies, and they fled south, across the River Mald. Soaking wet from the driving rain, they eventually found the hamlet of Col Fen and rested there overnight, after promising to help out the desperate citizens. The following midday, they investigated the graveyard of Col Fen, destroying a host of foul undead beings and rescuing a couple of traumatized villagers. The source of the evil in the graveyard was identified as an onyx skull, which Walks-With-Beasts smashed between her vicous kukris. The miasma in the graveyard was thus lifted, but evil still stalked the grey marshes…

With the onyx skull shattered, the graveyard was sanctified once more. But even as the adventurers left the grounds, the rose petals blew away on a breeze that no-one could feel. The tide of the restless dead had been stemmed, but still the people of Col Fen looked uneasily toward the mire. Countless pairs of eyes, burning with hatred for the living, stared back.



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