The War of Angelic Succession

Chapter Three

Dark Goings-On in the City of Reclamation

The team reached the city of Reclamation, safely delivering Bodric the merchant to his home. In a local bar they met El Lobo Aguila, a drow monk and Jean Grey, an eladrin psion, in a bear fight. As they walked around the city, after the excitement, The Crimson Dove and Walks-With-Beasts were identified as army deserters and forced into hiding.

In hiding, the team met a member of the local Blacktooth gang who offered them safe hiding if they just grabbed a small magic item from the crypt under the deserted local cathedral. Fighting off the dead and battling through a kruthik nest, the team eventually found The Beacon of the Lampmaker, and took it back to the gang. Sadly, Walks-With-Beasts was gone when they returned.

Suddenly the team realized they had removed the city’s magical ward. Only quick thinking prevented Reclamation from falling to the cold embrace of the dead, and the team returned to the crypt of the cathedral to see Walks-With-Beasts being sacrificed to summon a host of the undead. The rites were stopped just in time, but not before Walks With Beasts was lost, and poor Doglan had died on the hard stone floor. Fortunately the army doctor was able to revive him, for a price.

The Crimson Dove was redeemed in the eyes of the army, for saving the city of Reclamation, and our heroes could finally walk the streets with their heads held high.

Their travails in Reclamation, however, would turn out to be just a prelude to the events that were to follow.



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