The War of Angelic Succession

Chapter Two

The Blackfang Turnpike

From the benighted hamlet of Col Fen, The Crimson Dove and Walks With Beasts saw an explosion of magic out in the marsh. Intrigued, they ventured out to see the last stand of a gnome and an elf cleric, fighting off a horde of foul zombies. Our heroes intervened, driving off the undead, but not before the cleric was dragged out into the marshland to his doom.

As they returned to the hamlet, the gnome introduced himself as Adolphus Von Zurn, the last of a band of treasure hunters who were searching for the fabled treasure, “the Heart of the Fens”. Now on his own, Von Zurn decided to abandon the search, and joined our heroes team.

In Col Fen, the merchant Bodric offered 1000 gp to the team, if they accompanied him on the trip to the city of Reclamation. Before leaving,a number of other townspeople joined the trip, preferring their chances on the road than in Col Fen.

Our heroes made a sorry sight as they travelled along the Blackfang Turnpike road, shepherding a rag tag band of travelers.

On the way they met a strange little boy who called himself Doglan. He showed them the way to a lifegiving spring, where they were set upon by an evil resurrectionist carrying a crystal skull. Though the adventurers survived, the party was reduced to a single lady, Mara Kres, her young son, Allen, the strange little Doglan and Bodric the merchant.

The Crimson Dove grew amorously attached to Mara Kres, but was saddened to see that her eye was turned to the diminutive Von Zurn. Instead, little Doglan took a liking to The Dove, viewing him as the father he never had.

But 5 miles from the walls of Reclamation, our heroes encountered a huge band of the walking dead. Instinctively the group knew death was near, but to their surprise the zombies took no notice of them, instead walking determinedly into the Blackfang Mountains…

Out of the fog appeared a single zombie. It stood for a second, its head lolling to one side as it stared blankly at the adventurers. Doglan whimpered, cowering behind The Crimson Dove as suddenly a second, then a third, then a whole horde of the foul creatures emerged from the swirling mists. Realizing that there was no escape, Walks-With-Beasts unsheathed her daggers for the final battle. But as the undead advanced it became clear that, tonight at least, they were not hungry. Instead the mass of cadavers walked solemnly on; across the turnpike road and up into the hills; onwards into the Blackfang Mountains.



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