Complete History of the War of Angelic Succession

The Years of Haryld

Unification of Almanna, The Green Continent, was finally achieved in the year 6308 (calendar of Pelor) by the historic signing of the Solskaer armistice. This brought to an end 200 years of bitter war between the houses of Ambroushire, the lords of the North, and Gunnar, the lords of the South. Thus Duke Haryld of Ambroushire was crowned king of Almanna. His 128-year reign brought untold peace on prosperity to the land. Under King Haryld the Great, as he came to be known, vast expanses of the wildlands were reclaimed for civilisation, whilst the cities of Solskaer and Greypoole blossomed into centers of trade and industry. Haryld’s passing, in the year 6436, was widely expected and under the terms of the armistice Morten Harriket, the head of House Gunnar, took power. He was a weak leader who viewed wealth and self aggrandizement above all else. Over a fifteen-year period the land began to slide into unrest and poverty, alarming the citizens of the land and formenting talk of a rebellion lead by Ambroushire.

Few citizens, however, would have predicted the turn of events in the summer of 6441 which began the slow plunge into a catastrophic second civil war.

The Regicide

Certain gods viewed the gradual ruin of Almanna with unease. Their realms and spheres of influence had prospered under Haryld and they were loathe to see the good work demolished by a capricious and feckless leader. Erathis, Corellon and a number of minor gods, driven mainly by self-interest, met up to decide a course of intervention. Working in secret with Lolth, they formed a plan to assassinate Harriket. Under the terms of the Solskaer armistice, the successor to Harriket would be the leader of the opposing house of Ambroushire; the wise half-elf son of Haryld. They hoped that he would bring about a second age of enlightenment. It was decided that Ehlonna, the minor god of fertility, would send an angel to kill Morten Harriket on midsummer’s day whilst he hunted stag in the Allesyl forest.

His death was not instantaneous. He held on to life for weeks. The greatest healers in the land could offer no aid. The wound was powerfully enchanted, claimed House Gunnar, pointing the finger directly at House Ambroushire. Harriket, on his deathbed, vowed not to hand the crown to his murderers, claiming the crown for Gunnar in perpetuity.

The Interregnum

Not wishing to hand power to Ambroushire, but knowing that to claim it for themselves would spark civil war, House Gunnar knew that the crown of Almanna was in dire trouble. To the fury of House Ambroushire, the crown was placed upon the head of an angel of Borghild, the patron god of the land. The kingship was tithed to the angel Daniel for 5 years, until a “suitable successor” could be found.

The fury of the gods was even greater than that of Ambroushire. Borghild was clearly making a play for power beyond his position in the pantheon. However, the earlier exploits of Erathis, Ehlonna and their cohort were open secrets in heaven and Borghild, suspicious of their motives, had assembled a small number of influential backers, including the deity Ioun. His plan was to stabilise Almanna and steer the nation back into prosperity, then hand the crown back to the rightful successor, in the House of Ambroushire.

Daniel, the regent angel of Almanna was gifted the impossible task of unifying two ancient enemies from a position of questionable authority. In secret he held out his hand to Asmodeous, god of tyranny and domination, and was granted the power he needed. In contrast, in heaven Borghild convinced Bahamut, god of justice, protection and nobility of the righteousness of his cause. So a strange alliance was formed. Daniel went to his people in the name of justice wielding the weapons of oppression.

To those gods outside of the alliance of Borghild, it was clear that his cause was gaining in strength and support. The gradual waxing of Borghild’s influence in heaven and in creation was an ominous and growing concern. In time, Lolth, with her spies in all four corners of the world came to know of the demon god’s influence upon Daniel. This information was passed on to Erathis, who directly confronted Borghild, accusing him of an unholy and evil influence upon the land. Incredulous and fearing an attempt on Daniel’s life, Borghild ordered his followers in Almanna to round up and imprison worshippers of Erathis. The barbaric treatment of these prisoners should have been a warning to Borghild and his allies that there was evil festering at the heart of the alliance, but it was too late.

Pelor and Moradin looked on in horror as the two cohorts of gods began to muster their forces; calling angels to arms and calling on worshippers to stockpile weapons and provisions:

- A delegation of angels was dispatched by Erathis and Corellon to the House of Ambroushire. The once glorious house of Haryld the Great was an angry and dispirited shadow of its former self, and swore fealty to the gods, offering soldiers and followers in return for divine favor.

- House Gunnar quickly fell in line behind Daniel and his divine lords, seeing at last a chance to destroy Ambroushire once and for all.

A war greater than any that had been seen before was about to engulf Almanna.

Complete History of the War of Angelic Succession

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