The Mystery of Team Thunder

A fearless band of adventurers drawn from the four corners of the land, Team Thunder walked the war-torn fields and ruined cities of Almanna. They were but loosely aware of their importance, as the chosen warriors of the alliance of neutral gods, in holding the broken continent together.

Team Thunder Roster

*Asmod Oneum, Tiefling Poppet Master
*Bailey of the Mire, Human Ranger
*Drinking Stone, Human (Goliath) Fighter, Follower of Avandra
*Emperor Di Tzu, Genasi (Earth) Warlord
*Jubilant Mariner on the River Styx, Shadar-Kai Avenger, Follower of the Raven Queen
*Masque of the Moonlit Vineyard, Dragonborn Paladin, Pawn of the Feywild
*The Mist before the Divine Light of Dawn, Elven Cleric, Follower of Pelor
*Oscuro Sonador, Human Psion, Pawn of a Dead People


It was 6446, 5 years into the War of Angelic Succession. The land of Almanna was a shadow of its former self, riven by titanic clashes of angels and mortals. Rogues and mercenaries plyed their trades untroubled by the law, while the remaining citizens struggled to avoid hunger and disease, tilling the salted soil. From this blighted landscape a disparate band of adventurers formed, under the auspices of the unaligned deities.

This band of wanderers fought not for good or ill. They were driven by their own concerns; some for gold; some for fame; some just for the love of their god, but through them the work of the unaligned was done, little do they realize it.

With the hands of these mortals the gods reclaimed the Tower of Michael, thus preventing a bloody battle in the Vale of the Towers. The band of wanderers marched on, unaware of the violence they had averted.

In the city of Greypoole, the adventurers, who had come to be known as Team Thunder, learned of the theft of the body of Haryld the Great from his tomb in the Hills of the Heroes. Encouraged by the princely reward of 20,000 gp, they set out to investigate.

The Mission

Following a tip off, the band of adventurers found the scurriless thieves hiding in the tomb of King Edwyrd. Ably dispatching with the pathetic kobolds, Team Thunder found the tomb totally empty – Haryld’s body had already gone. The only clue left behind was a sizeable stash of gold coins marked with the stamp of the dwarven hold of Qal’at Hisn. Sensing a larger conspiracy at play, they traveled up into the mountains to follow the lead.

The stronghold of Qal’at Hisn remains one of the few neutral cities in Almanna. As such, it attracts a large number of refugees from the wars, who live in a huge camp surrounding it. Team Thunder secured entrance by promising to act as mercenaries when needed. Granted a week’s notice, the adventurers explored their new surroundings.


Team Thunder were last seen leaving Qal’at Hisn to journey into the catacombs beneath the city. It is believed that they fell foul of the Duergar who trade in inky depths. Their bodies were never recovered. The mystery of the whereabouts of the remains of Haryld The Great was never solved…

The Mystery of Team Thunder

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