The Setting in Brief

The Land of Almanna is riven in two by a catastrophic war. Following the death of King Haryld The Great and the mysterious assassination of his successor, chaos reigns. Two houses, backed by alliances of the gods, battle across the stricken continent.

The Army of the Angel, led by Prince Daniel, highest angel of Borghild, fights with cold efficiency and rules with an iron fist. Its forces have the upper hand in the war and seek to impose a final crushing defeat on its enemy.

The Army of the Island, led by the half-elf Prince Aldwyn, fights with a cavalier attitude and a sense of injustice. Pushed onto the defensive, their ingenuity and conviction drives them, even as the odds stack against them.

5 years into the struggle, with no clear end in sight, the people of the land are tired. They long for the peace and stability of the past. And these are strange times indeed. The tomb of King Haryld The Great has been robbed. The investigators of the crime have gone missing. The growing ranks of the maddened and the shellshocked ramble and mutter, “something is coming”…

The Setting in Brief

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