The Sides

Each faction in the war is unified by a strange meeting of mortal and divine goals. At the heart of the war, however, is the age old conflict of the houses of Gunnar and Ambroushire.

The Angel

*Daniel: highest angel of Borghild, price regent of the land of Almanna
*House Gunnar: lords of North Almanna
*Borghild: patron deity of Almanna
*Bahamut: lawful good god of justice, protection and nobility
*Asmodeus: evil god of tyranny and domination. Lord of devils
*Ioun – unaligned goddess of knowledge, skill and prophecy

The Island

*Prince Aldwyn: half-elf prince of the house of Ambroushire, son of Haryld the Great
*House Ambroushire: lords of South Almanna
*Lolth: chaotic evil goddess of shadow and lies
*Erathis: unaligned goddess of civilization, inventions and law
*Corellon: unaligned god of beauty, art, magic and the fey. Seasonal god of the spring and patron of eladrin
*Ehlonna: goddess of forests, woodlands, flora & fauna, and fertility


*Pelor: good god of sun, agriculture and time. Seasonal god of summer
*Moradin – lawful good god of family, community and creation (as in smithing). Patron of dwarves
*Qal’at-Hisn – underground city of dwarves.

The Sides

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